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Aftershock Crisis Crippled Underwater Hotel in Pacific Ocean Situation Critical Solution E Force For billionaire Michael Xavier, the completion of the Neptune Hotel off Fiji is the fulfilment of a childhood dream and adult obsession to build a visionary five star resort deep on the ocean floor However on Grand Opening night the unthinkable happens A series of massive earth tremors destroys the hotel and leaves a handful of survivors, including Xavier himself, attempting the impossible to escape from a crumbling building 100 metres underwater Within seconds of the disaster, the crack E Force rescue team is briefed, mobilised and en route to Fiji But the situation is far dangerous than they could ever know For this is no natural disaster There is a very real enemy at work and his plans threaten the entire world. Best Download Aftershock Author Sam Fisher For Kindle ePUB or eBook – wildweaves.co.uk

ePUB By Sam Fisher ☆ Aftershock☆ horse racing ¸ Books Download – wildweaves.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 411 pages
  • Aftershock
  • Sam Fisher
  • English
  • 07 November 2018
  • 0330512412

    10 thoughts on “ePUB By Sam Fisher ☆ Aftershock☆ horse racing ¸ Books Download – wildweaves.co.uk

  1. Made it to page 55

  2. Oh My Word.I think this may have just taken over as the worst book I ve ever read.It s kind of like some kind of badly written Sci fi version of a cross between the Poseidon adventure and Towering Inferno Only cheesier.I finished it because once I ve started a book, I have to finish it But that it several hours of my life I m not going to get back Please trust me If you are like me and have to finish a book once you ve started it...

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, the first one I ve read by this author It is well written and hard to put down Great plot, characters and an interesting take on the way technology is going, I d recommend to to anybody who likes books of this genre.

  4. I was hoping to like this story, but it was too much like Towering Inferno I will not spoil it if you have not seen the film plot line was too similar just set underwater glad this was a charity shop purchase as it will be going back

  5. I made it to chapter 4, which is page 18, that was all I could stomach One of THE worst books I have ever attempted to read, just awful, give it a wide birth and try James Rollins, Matthew Reilly or Clive Cussler instead, much better

  6. What you get out of this totally depends on expectations Go in low and it s entertaining and doesn t take itself seriously If you want a cracking read, this isn t it.

  7. 4

  8. Bubblegum

  9. Considering it was supposed to be about this e force team, I thought they were the worst characters The best part of the book was the civilians and their survival before the team turned up.