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The Making of a Name How do brand names differ from other names, and what goes into making a good name great and a bad name ghastly Knowing this can spell the difference between bankruptcy and marketplace triumph In this indispensable guide, the authors share the secrets of successful brand names how they ve indelibly stamped cultures around the world who makes them why they re made and how they re compiled, bought, sold, and protected The book outlines what kind of names exist the initialized, descriptive, allusive, and coined How namers surf on brainwaves The do s, don ts, and nevers of naming, how the structure of names is built from the ground up and how their sounds are engineered Why names symbolize benefits Where in the world brands may be found, and what will become of them Fast paced, illustration packed, gazing at the past and probing into the future, this is the definitive book on naming The Making of A Name is the one book anyone interested in owned words must have. New Read The Making of a Name Author Steve Rivkin For Kindle ePUB or eBook – wildweaves.co.uk

· The Making of a Name↠ Ebook By ↠ Steve Rivkin plus size – wildweaves.co.uk

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  1. Interesting and at some points entertaining, but the autor wanders too much and the useful information is minimum

  2. Everything you ve ever and never wanted to know about choosing a business or product name and what the effect of the name will have on possible clients or buyers Interesting but very focused on a specific readership, which wasn t really me.

  3. good for the ground work to tbe laid on the topic, but not very extensive in it s quotation of sources and hard core research.good for B School students who would like to pepper there presentation in class with some knowledge to do them apart from the class.

  4. Really good overview principles on how to name your company or product.

  5. 4 stars Lots of fun history on how the great brand names that we know today came about It also shows how important a name unique, easy to remember is to a success of a company.

  6. Useful, but meandering and fluffy.

  7. A should read book on branding for the knowledge worker, manager, executive, or entrepreneur.