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Poems from the Sanskrit For many readers in the West, Indian literature means the Bhagavad Gita or the Kamasutra this anthology of secular poems from the classical Sanskrit redresses the balance These poems were written between the fourth and tenth centuries A.D and illustrate the great diversity of subject matter, style and imagination in a hightly artistic aspect of Indian culture A purely literary language by the fourth century, Sanskrit contains a wealth of synonyms and lends itself to a strict metrical form with complex and subtle sound patterns In his introduction John Brough confesses his affection for Sanskrit poems an affection which is reflected in his verse translations Taken from the back cover Best Read [ Poems from the Sanskrit ] Author [ John Brough ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Read Poems from the Sanskrit–
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Poems from the Sanskrit
  • John Brough
  • English
  • 12 May 2017
  • 0140441980

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  1. When he saw her,He was struck by the arrows of love.Nor could he save himself by shutting his eyes For he was a young man of an enquiring And philosophical turn of mind.And so he was forced to to examine the problemIn greater detailOf how the Creator Had come to makeA figure like hers.BhavabhutiLovely poems nicely translated There is a good introduction covering Sanskrit sources anthologies , Brough s approach to translating poetry as poetry, with judicious adaptations to retain poetic value, When he saw her,H...

  2. Envoi She who forsook me when I fondly burnedThe midnight oil at Fame s false shrine, has nowBy her young sister Sloth I know not how Been pacified, and home to me returned.My earning heart, I swear, henceforth I ll keep Constant in worship of my first love, Sleep.

  3. This is one of the best anthology of samskrta verses available in English I find a very high percentage of English translations of Samskrta poetry never captures the essence of the original But this anthology, has ...

  4. The introduction must be read before attempting the body of this work Very well written It lays the ground for these wonderful selections In our world we seem to have lost our ability to create sensuality without approaching the pornographic These ancient poets, the amazing Kal...

  5. I wrote a review laden with excerpts and commentary for this on my blog I ll copy paste it here too, but it reads much worse without the proper formatting, pictures, and links If learned critics publicly derideMy verse, well, let them Not for them I wrought.One day a man shall live to share my thought For time is endless and the world is wide Bhavabhuti p.53 I try not to saturate this blog with book reviews, but I have a justificati...

  6. Any young Indian poet of this era would have had, first of all, to undergo a thorough study of Sanskrit grammar, beginning at the age of six By the age of eight, he or she would have memorized the first 1,000 sutras of Panini s grammar, and not long after that, the full 4,000 sutras Having accomplished that, he would then learn to apply the rules of grammatical analysis to domains such as logic, philosophy, poetics, mathematics, and numerous oth...

  7. For the most part I really liked these poems Although the book wasn t organized in any way, I almost feel like the randomness of the poems mirrored the philosophical underpinnings of many of them the playfullness and enjoyment of life Many of the poems reminded me of haiku, in their tone and diction, though definitely not in subject matter or line organization The Sanskrit poems aren t three lines most of them , but vary in lengths and almost never seem to have recognizable structures Also For the most part I really liked these poems Although the book wasn t organized in any way, I almost feel like the randomness of the poems mirrored the philosophical ...

  8. The translations are often better than most that try to retain rhyme and metre, but the attempt nevertheless spoils them Brough s often interesting introduction tries to justify his approach, but for me he doesn t succeed.

  9. super fun

  10. Some of these are just lovely.