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The Storm Crow In the tropical kingdom of Rhodaire, magical, elemental Crows tend to every aspect of life from the Firecrows that help forge armor to the Battlecrows that keep the kingdom safe Seventeen year old Princess Ana Cerralt dreamed of leading Rhodaire as a Crow Rider then the Illucian Empire attacked, destroying the Rider s massive Crows and killing Ana s mother.That night, known as Regnoch, has thrown Princess Ana into a deep depression that she struggles to escape Her sister, Caliza, is busy running the kingdom as its new queen, doing her best to restore prosperity and peace, but all Ana can think of is her dead mother and trainer, who was supposed to teach her how to be a Rider When Illucia prepares for a final assault on Ana s now vulnerable kingdom, Caliza is forced to agree to a marriage between Ana and the crown prince of Illucia, finally spurring Ana into action After stumbling across a hidden Crow egg in the rubble of a rookery, she and her sister devise a dangerous plan to reach out to the other conquered kingdoms and ignite a rebellion.Ana takes the Crow egg with her deep into Illucian territory and tries to hatch it in secret, but navigating the cold, vicious Illucian court will take all of her strength and wit To stop her engagement and protect the people she loves, Ana must let go of her past and work through her depression to hatch the egg before her kingdom falls and she loses everything to Illucia again. Free Download [ The Storm Crow ] Author [ Kalyn Josephson ] –

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  1. Omg Everyone needs to add this to their TBR Just read that description This book is going to be SO GOOD.Also, Kalyn is amazing just FYI.

  2. I was lucky enough to read this book in one of its early drafts, and let me tell you you guys are not ready for this amazingness There s giant magical crows, beautiful writing, tortured princes, and lots of badass female characters It has a wonderfully diverse cast full of interesting and flawed characters who you will just fall in love with, and I can t wait to readfrom them in the sequel Not only that, but The Storm Crow does a really good job of depicting depression and looking at d I was lucky enough to read this book in one of its...

  3. I devoured this book I m a sucker for classic YA fantasy, but Kalyn puts a whole different spin on that take First off, the magical creatures in this book are giant, magic wielding crows How amazing even is that There are not only different types of elemental Crows, but there are Crow Riders as well, and Kalyn begins the book with an entire nation that was brought to its knees with the destruction of these fantastic beasts.And then we meet Ana, the bra...

  4. Kalyn is brilliant I can t wait for this

  5. omfg omfg omfg this sounds A M A Z I NG.Elemental Crows Tropical kingdoms A badass princess protaganist SOLD.

  6. Right when you start getting over the elemental scene.AND THEN YOU RE INTEREST IS PIQUED AGAIN

  7. I am SO EXCITED for this book The premise is so wonderfully unique Tropical kingdom Elemental crows YES PLEASE.

  8. Yeah, I read an early version of this book and you should all be mad jealous of the fact that I have read it.

  9. Seems like a unique premise.

  10. I m lucky enough to have read an early draft of this book I could go on and on about how amazing it is The characters, the world, everything is just so perfect 3