Diyo Style Copper Tea Light Holders

Diyo Style Copper Tea Light Holders
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'Diyo' is the tradional Nepali oil lamps used for pujas and for lighting the house and showing the way for goddess Laxmi to find your house during Dipawali. 

This Diyo is used for all the pujas to pour oil into the vessel and then have a pure cotton wick ( called 'Batti' or 'Dhup' ) which is dipped in the oil and taken out of the spout where it is then lit. The oil in the diyo can be topped up as and when. 

We thought this would be a good product where we could have tealights at Christmas time as it is meant to have a nice spiritual significance that we hope to bring to homes here in the UK.

The diyo can be used traditionally or with a tea light or for any other purpose that each of us might see fit for this wonderful handbeaten pure copper product. 

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