Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags
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Being from Nepal we wanted to bring you some prayer flags, a part of everyday life in the cities, villages, hills and mountains of Nepal

Prayer flags are part of Buddhist spiritual practice. Colourful pieces of cloth are strung together and draped out in the open air, often along the tops of hills and ridges in the Himalayas, and outside places of worship and people’s homes. Prayer flags are inscribed with prayers and symbols, and the fluttering of the prayer flags in the wind broadcasts positive vibrations all around, bringing blessings, happiness and well being to the individual who put up the prayer flags as well as to those in the area.

Prayer flags are traditionally made in sets of five, and each set has five colours: blue, white, red, green and yellow. These different coloured prayer flags represent the five elements. Blue is the sky, white is the wind, red is for fire, green is for water, and yellow is the earth.

The best time to put up new prayer flags is in the morning on sunny, windy days, perhaps stringing them from trees in your garden, or from your roof, or on a balcony.

These come in a set of five strings of prayer flags, each one has ten individual rectangular flags printed with prayers and symbols.

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