Copper and Metal Craft

Copper and Metal Craft

There are many immensely talented artisans working in the Kathmandu Valley who  have been practising arts passed down through the generations. These artisans work traditionally in the three major materials of wood, stone and metal, with each artisan specialising in one of these. 

We have  travelled through the alleyways of the Kathmandu Valley, searching for the artisans who specialise in woodcarving, stone carving and metalwork. Their workshops are exceptionally hard to find, and are often above or inside their homes. These people love the work they do, and some have spent over forty years perfecting their craft. Despite their great talent they are content to remain behind the scenes and do not advertise their work widely.

We are proud to bring you these beautiful pieces created by these skilled artisans, truly timeless work showcasing some of the amazing heritage of the Kathmandu Valley.

We are beginning with metalwork, offering special hand-carved copper bracelets, and white metal and copper bracelets, as well as the special hand carved Sri Yantra copper wall hanging. 

Copper has been used widely in Nepal for centuries, with people using vessels made from copper, including water jugs. People believe that water is infused with beneficial properties when kept overnight in a copper jug and drunk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Copper is also used for decorative flower pots and for items used in religious ceremonies.




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