Handmade Lokta Paper Products

Handmade Lokta Paper Products

All our handmade paper is Tree Free!

It's made from a shrub called Daphne Papyracea locally known as Lokta and gathered in the high altitudes of the Himalayas.

The bark is carried down to the villages where it is cleaned and boiled. The soft pulp is then poured into wodden frames and spread evenly by gentle shaking. Many different materials can also be mixed into this to give different effects to the paper. We have mixed, Hemp, Nettle, and waste from our clothing workshop to create wonderful and different paper. The sheet is then dried in the Himalayan sunshine and the paper is peeled off the frame. 

After harvesting, the lokta bush regenerates naturally, preserving the fragile forest ecology of Nepal.

Lokta paper is used for wrapping paper, notebooks and writing sets and is often block printed to make beautiful paper products that you will find on our site. 

We buy our Lokta paper from a Nepali company who make sure that they buy Lokta from the villages for a fair price. They are also comitted to the welfare of their workers and their families, for example they pay for the children of their Kathmandu staff to attend school.

We have been working with this particular factory for many years now.

If you have any questions then please write to us askus@wildweaves.co.uk .

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