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This is a handknotted rug made from one hundred percent wild Nepali Hemp. The rug is knotted to 100knots per square inch and is of very high quality. Most people making hemp rugs from this hand drawn yarn will not knot to this high spec because the yarn is stiff and the knotting and cutting process is very difficult. 

Many years back, I had helped a rug maker from my village and he does these rugs personally for me every time I order one from him. That is the reason we have this special rug to sell in WildWeaves. This will take a couple of months to make in this size and longer if the size is bigger.

This sort of rug will not last you years, but generations and the wild hemp will become extremely soft with use over time. The rug is long and wide and can be used on the floor in you living room or to use are a mat to meditate on. There have been absolutely no chemicals used in this rug and the colours variations are from the natural colour of the hemp. Variations in the colour occur from the difference of the sides facing towards and away from the sun in the bark. 

You will be delighted to have this wonderful rug in your home and will be abel to pass this on to the next generation.It is wonderful to have under bare foot and is very calming. 

We can do rugs to your size, colour, design and specification. If you want to make a one off rug from Nepal, do write to us askus@wildweaves.co.uk.

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