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In our yoga pages (pronounced ‘Yog’ in Nepali) we aim to bring you products to enhance your natural yoga lifestyle. I grew up in Nepal with yoga – my mother used to get up at four in the morning (not that we kids would get up that early!) to practise a set of exercises that her father taught her, which had been passed on to him by his own father. My mother always encouraged us to start the day early, because as she said, ‘then the day belongs to you.’ She carries on the same yoga routine today, at seventy-six. 

After undergoing rigorous military training in Nepal and then in the UK, I was very fit physically, but something was missing. I spent two years with my Guru in Nepal and at the temple where there are daily yoga teachings.  Here I learnt to combine physical yoga with special yogic breathing exercises called ‘Pranayam’. Eventually I created my own routine, and have found that I am much calmer and happier as a result. 

I have tried to bring you products to help you on your journey with yoga. These include all-natural yoga mats (designed by me and developed in our workshop) and hemp and cotton yoga wear.  Do check back for new products. If you have any ideas for a natural yoga product, or are in Rutland and want to exchange ideas and practice, please get in touch at



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