Heaven Hemp

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Ideal to take on holiday or for sunny days in the garden, this unusual hand crocheted cotton sun ..
Airy bamboo and organic cotton long-sleeved shirt with cocounut buttons.  Ideal wear yea..
Pretty pyjamas in soft bamboo and organic cotton.  Airy, comfortable and softer with every w..
  A pretty hand crocheted Juliet cap made from 100 per cent banana yarn, very soft to th..
    A beautiful hand crocheted jacket made from silky banana fibre.  F..
Fun playsuit or romper in 100 per cent handloomed bamboo rayon cloth - designed, handloomed and s..
Keep your little one cool and fresh in this pretty 2-piece sunsuit made from 100% handwoven bambo..
Two piece set !! Keep cool and pretty in bed with these hemp-cotton pyjamas. Top is soft,..
These wonderful indoor slippers are made by hand in Kathmandu. The hemp fabric  used to ..
A wonderful hooded jacket in 50% hemp, 50% New Zealand wool. Single knit wool, fully lined wi..
Comes highly recommended by the owners of "Heaven Hemp". Gorgeous hemp and New Zealand wool j..
Wild Nepali Himalayan hemp and cotton twine for various work round the garden and home. Can b..
This is a handknotted rug made from one hundred percent wild Nepali Hemp. The rug is knotted to 1..
Only a few left of these special trousers in one hundred percent hemp ... sturdy, ready for anyth..
A casual ballet-style cross-over top made from hemp and cotton with pretty embroidered flower det..