Welcome to our wonderful selection of bags. Here you will find everything from basic hemp and cotton shopping bags to strong, hand crafted hemp and nettle backpacks. We develop bags and rucksacks in our workshop using eco fabrics like hemp, nettle, jute, organic cotton and felt. We also source from carefully selected factories in Nepal. We strive to give you the best of quality with the aim of giving more work to low income families in Nepal. 

Most of the hemp and nettle that is picked, processed, spun and woven in the middle hills of Nepal is carried out by farming families who hold small quantities of land, much of which is often at almost a 45 degree angle where it is difficult to grow much. The main crops in the hills are maize and other vegetables, which are sun dried to be saved and used during the winter. The hemp and nettle brings a little extra cash income for these families. Hemp and nettle goods are also used to make clothing and various household items for use in places that are far away from the rest of civilisation.

The yarns are made using traditional techniques passed down through the generations. The fibres from the bark of the hemp and nettle plants are broken down and then using the tooth and spindle method the fibre is drawn into yarn.This is a long and tedious process usually done when it is raining heavily during the monsoon, or when it is snowing and too cold to work outside. The nettle and the hemp plants are also used as traditional medicine for both cattle and humans. 

The jute used in our bags is from the southern belt of Nepal (almost at sea level) where jute is cultivated as a crop for the jute factories. The jute production in Nepal too is coming to an end from labour and political instability, but we endeavour to keep this product alive and hope that in the future it can regain its status as an important crop.

Now the roads being built in the hills of Nepal have greatly reduced the amount of time that people spend in textile production and hand made hemp and nettle yarn and cloth are getting rarer by the day. We want to help keep this work alive by turning these amazing textiles and yarns into lovely bags and rucksacks. We hope you will support us by buying and using these bags so that money can go back to the Himalayas to make more of this beautiful textile and to teach the younger generation that this might be a way to make income even in the future. 

The hemp and nettle in the bags are completely organic and goes one step furthur to being completely wild. 

We hope you enjoy browsing our bag selection. If you have any questions or would like to send us any design ideas you can get in touch here.

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